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Body Fit

Body Fit

F unctionability– as children our bodies were able to move in all directions, touch our toes, run, jump, climb etc. Our bodies had little or no limits to what it could do.  As adults, a healthy body should be able to do most of the movements as we did as children.  Trainer Nemo’s  Personal Training develops the muscles, tendons, and ligaments back to majority of functionality of our younger days.

I ntensity-  Our heart rate is one factor in determine how hard our body is working.  If our body has a low heart rate, usually we are burning little amounts of energy.  Also,  getting our heart rate elevated assist in making our heart stronger.  The stronger our heart is gives a less chance of a heart attack or heart disease.  The bottom line is that we need to keep our heart rate elevated at a certain high level for short periods to burn more fat.  Now each persons’ heart rate and intensity is Different!  One should not just get the heart rate up without getting a medical physical or by guessing.  The wrong Heart Rate Intensity can be vital to your health.  Always consult with the professionals  before engaging  in exercise.

T echnique-  Our body is a very smart surviving machine.  It adapts very well, however, it is not always in our bodies best interest.  Proper exercise technique is vital to prevent injuries,. Injuries can be hidden for years.  We notice them but just ignore the signs:  ache knee, sore elbow, or back pain.  For body safety and good results Proper Technique must not be compromised. Trainer Nemo promotes proper exercise techniques.

Total Body-  Training only certain body parts on certain days makes it difficult to balance the body.  Training the complete body on majority of your workouts will assist in keeping the body balanced and activate more muscle fibers resulting in creating a higher metabolism.  A higher metabolism assist in burning more calories throughout our normal day.  So training the Total Body with most workouts is very beneficial to getting faster and better results.

Alignment & Balance-  If a tire on a care is out of alignment and balance, the tire is worn out unevenly and causes damage throughout the car.  Our body is like a car.  Our bodies need to keep good alignment and have balanced muscles to prevent injuries such as: herniated disc, dislocations, migraines, carpal tunnel, stress, inflammation, hip dysplasia, pulled or torn muscles and tendons, etc.  Each exercise should always have Proper Form, Technique, and Muscle Balance.  Without proper alignment & balance our bodies will be less functional and prone to injuries.

Muscle Activation-  How does a 400lb mountain lion jump 10ft into a tree?  They use all the their muscles together.  The more muscles we train and activate, the more calories we burn, the stronger we get, and less injuries can occur.  Our training will activate more muscle fibers to increase our metabolism, become stronger & leaner, and shape the body.  Each individual only uses a small amount of muscle throughout our day.  We need to activate and use more muscle fibers throughout each day.

We help you achieve your fitness goals

Boost your immune system for winter

Immune System
immune defense

Are you feeeling stressed and exhausted.

You’re not alone, you may need to boost your immune system, today’s lifestyle’s have morphed into longer working weeks for less money and rising living expenses. Sometimes these multi tasking fast paced lives cause an overwhelming sense of stress. Stress and anxiety with sleep deprivation are bed partners even the small and meaningless things can become like insurmountable obstacles when you are stressed .

The Good News

Improve and boost your immune system by restoring the nervous system and the ability to cope with stress normally with a good muli-vitamin and a nervous system support body lotion, the good news is that it is easy to support the entire nervous system into a harmonious state of being. Natural remedies can sustain the body and are crucial during times of mental and physical stress .

1, Invest in a good multi vitamin daily this will increase your daily nutrition for combatting stress. Nutrients such as a high dose B vitamin complex supplements containing magnesium, calcium, zinc, and vitamin C levels which all help to reduce stress helping to get more done in a normal relaxed state.

2. Invest in a tube Emotional Rescue body lotion, for supporting the bodies outer nervous system, the skin. Which contains pro-vitamin B5 and natural vitamin E for the skin’s natural immune defense and flower essences to combat stress and anxiety from external sources .

With both a B-complex multi vitamin and a Emotional Rescue body lotion you have both internal and external nervous system support covered. It is so easy to forget about yourself and also the easiest thing to implement, both products can be carried in a bag taking up very little space the multi vitamin can be taken with any meal of the day, and the body lotion applied as often as you’re skin needs it.

The body uses more nutrients when busy or in time of stress, so it is important to bolster the bodies natural immune defenses during stress .

We now have a vitamin store on our website to make it easy for you to take care of your external and internal self. We have Clinicians vitamin supplements as Clinicians products support rather than compete with modern medicines. You can buy both Emotional Rescue and your daily vitamin and mineral health products all here in the one place .